Vol. 17 “Songs of the Scuttled”

The road to Roark's heart passes through Scotland. It wasn't the famed rock formations of Skye, glorious North Sea reefs or slopes of Glencoe that moved our wayward souls. Nor did the history, color, ale and music sway our compass cometh Fall. It was the Highway Whiskey Trail the summoned us as the artery to each of Scotland's precious organs.

Vol. 16 “Hong Kong Galore”

Because most adventures are cut on the trail - we oft forget about the city, and in some circumstances what lies in the shadows of the modern steel-scape. The allure of Hong Kong was much too fragrant for Roark to pass up. But in true fashion, we explored the bowels of what most love about the city and what we never knew about the waves, tropical musings and rocks to climb in the extremities of the territory.

Vol. 16 “Hong Kong Galore” was shot by our good friend Jerry Ricciotti of Vice News Tonight and edited by us here at WRKSHRT.