Bismack Biyombo's Past and Present in the Congo

Bismack Biyombo has a deep connection to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He left his country at the age of 16 in order to enter the murky world of professional basketball and fell victim to the exploitation that befalls young kids that don't know better. Growing up in a country rich in natural resources where millions live in extreme poverty, he's turned his focus to building resources in the DRC that will allow its citizens to build wealth without being exploited by foreign influences. His focus on youth programs and empowerment in Goma brought us see the basketball infrastructure that he's built countrywide.

Climbing a Volcano with Bismack Biyombo

We spent a week with Bismack Biyombo in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. The city sits at the base of an active volcano that is a part of every aspect of life. The city was rebuilt after a devastating eruption in 2002, with many of the cities buildings being built from the very volcanic rock that destroyed it. With that in mind, Bismack Biyombo made the 5 hour trek to the top of the mountain, to experience the raw power and beauty of his native country.

La Sangre: Baseball in San Pedro

VICE Sports examines San Pedro de Macoris, a small city in the Dominican Republic known for producing some of the best major league infielders of all time.

Boris Berian Went from Flipping Burgers to Running for Team USA in Rio

Boris Berian was a reluctant track star. He won a National Championship in college before losing eligibility due to poor grades. Trying to get by, he took a job at a local McDonald’s to support his comeback. Once his talent was rediscovered, Berian burst back onto the track scene and hasn’t looked back since. We follow his story of how he went from flipping burgers in Colorado to becoming an Olympian at the Rio Games.

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country

Pro Snowboarder Mark Carter leads a double life. In the offseason, he works on his family ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyoming tending to hundreds of head of cattle. But once winter hits, the cattle come into pasture and Mark hits the road to Jackson to shred lines in the Tetons. We rode with Mark throughout the transition as he rounded up 1,200 head on a family ranch and then set out to ride early splitboard lines with Bryan Iguchi and Travis Rice.